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Erlangen Poet Fest 2006

Poet Fest 2006This weekend, the Erlangen Poet Fest 2006 takes places, presenting rather uncommon poetry. As in 2005 I finally decided to attend some of the “lectures” together with my girlfriend. Gilbert got the idea to go the Mond0 multimedia lecture, which took place in the Erlangen Schlossgarten, which was furiosly illuminated. There where two recitators that presented some part of their long-term project “Mond0″ – a fictional journey to some moon. The plot was quite odd: One guy got to a moon journey, where a kind of hedonistic population is living. The authors presented in eloquent speech, how pluch-obelisks, neon-green feel-good-maedows and the pneumonics (a part of a walkable body) look like. In school I rather disliked stuff like this (Abstract poetry in general), but the way of presentation, especially the video wall showing abstract pictures of the region the recitators were talking about and a nice electronic background music of Sven Väth made this happening a rather nice experience for me.

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make clean – or make mrproper ?!

Yesterday there was some kind of extra activity at the weekly meeting of the Erlangen ccc Erfa. We finally decided to do some major cleanup of our room 5 at the E-Werk: So we moved out all the workstations, servers and the other miscellaneous old hardware…

E-Werk Room5So this was like doing a make clean, or better make distclean. It ended up in having just three servers (gateway,userhomes & media) and three workstations (sun ultra 10, pc & others)! So there is now MUCH space left. We also rearanged to enlightenment of this room. If you are interested in old hardware running HPUX, IRIX or various Pentium1 hardware, just raise your hand!

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after 5 years…

stufe-z-2006 Last saturday the long-planned meeting of my highschool class took place – so THIS was a reason to get on some multi-hour train-trip home. It’s already 5 years since highschool graduation (german: abitur)…
We met in Boppard-Windhausen, had some barbecue and actually stayed there til the early morning’s sunrise. It was quite interesting to hear what all the folks did in the last years – we don’t see each other quite often. Surprinsingly about 2/3 of all the people were there. But it was astonishing, that – consindering the outfit – noone except 2 or 3 people really changed.

So finally I spent some weekend with my parents and got back to Erlangen on Monday. By train. And it sucked. I got home 1hour and 37min later than originally planned. Train sucks. I finally decided to get a car again.

On the train-ride shutdown- called me from his bike-trip from Erlangen to Sweden. He told me, that he just arrived in Lübeck. After 7 days! So about 120km average per day. Check his blog for details.

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under wasps attack

Swollen arm after wasp attack. Yesterday evening, after the (everlasting) rain stopped I decided to go out for some jogging in the Sebalder Reichswald (to be more precise: Buckenhofer Forst). It was quite nice: shutdown and me got some nice run at pretty good speed (actually ~54min for 12km). But suddenly I felt some stinging pain in my left arm and saw in the dawning light some kind of insect flying away. After some inspection I found a big brown spike, so I assume it was a wasp or some aggressive bee… But we continued jogging cause it did not really hurt. After some drink at my dormitories bar I finally went to bed.
But this morning I woke up feeling my left forearm completely swollen, hot and red. So I decided to get to the Doctor, who directly got me some strong antibiotics in order to prevent a sepsis. He suspected some kind of bacteria to be the reason of this overnight reaction. Finally the assistant got me a bond for the arm impregnated with some antiseptics in order to get the swelling down.

This whole event actually sucks, cause I was just gonna finish my thesis (studienarbeit) and have some relaxing / sportive weekend off…

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i…ClubMateParty 3

Yesterday I arrived at the ICMP3 – The hacker camp of my local ccc-crew, the Erlangen-Erfa. This camp is (simillar to the WhatTheHack in 2005) my summer vacation… Actually yesterdas was day 0 of this event – just rigging of the big tents and other organizational stuff was supposed to be done – but surprisingly many guests already arrived at the camp-site, which is regularly a sportsfield of the local soccer and tennis club. Finally we had some nice barbecue and enjoyed the nice view of the nightly sky…
Today shutdown and me got in some climbing action in order to install amateur radio equipment on the lamp post of the enlightenment system of the sportsfield. Maybe when you read these lines, there will be already some pictures available at Sascha’s Gallery. Finally the amateur radio guys got their success getting it all working…

For now this event is quite relaxing and nice. But the weather just sucks - After some wind yesterday and, compared to the last weeks, really cold night it finally started raining… Ok, to be correct, for now its just drizzle. To mention the most appealing thing of today: The great dinner prepared by Tox: Lental Daal! So lets hope that tomorrows weather will be a little more camping-friendly…

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