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Yesterday my girlfriend and me got to the Staatstheater Nürnberg in order to watch The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) in the German Version: “Shakespeares sämtliche Werke – leicht gekürzt” (Originally developed by the Reduced Shakespeare Company).
Actually this trip was pretty well-timed cause the local CCC-Erfa of Erlangen also went to see this show – So not only us, but also Maha, Daizy, Shutdown, Maik, Kai and Arnomane were with us.

I had seen this play some years ago in my school and enjoyed it a lot – so I finally decided to ask my girlfriend if she was wanna to go… I’m not wanna to bore you with the plot of this nice production, cause its written in Wikipedia :)

We liked this play a lot – Especially this staging of the Nuremberg Crew is worth suggesting! Some of the scenes are very nicely overacted so that the grotesque mood really gets you laughing – When you know the original Shakespeare text this “insider” joke is based on it’s even more funny. If you are open for modern theater productions with involvement of the audience you will definitively like this play. Go for it, its worth paying for!

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