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Mount Faber and Sentosa Oceanarium

Today I met Nina, the other intern at my company in order to get around Harbourfront. Actually, before that I got to SimLimSquare, the biggest mall for electronics in Singapore in order to get a RAM upgrade for my Laptop. After some searching I found a “Good, good last price, Sir!” – 167S$ for a 1GB PC2700 SO-DIMM of Kingston. Thats about 30€ cheaper than the German price. When you go to Sim Lim Square: Be sure to have the German price in mind! Don’t accept the first price they offer – and look around first! The shops at the 4th or 5th floor have better prices!

... Merlion. But lets get back to the topic – We met at 13:00 at Harbourfront. So first we walked up to Mount Faber, which is the highest “mountain” (haha 115m above sealevel!) in Singapore (as far as I know). From the top, you get a pretty nice scenic view of the central business district – and of Sentosa. … And again, there is a Merlion – The symbol of Singapor. We used the cablecar to get over to Sentosa – Yeah, it’s quite expensive (10S$), but the view is nice!

After hitting Sentosa we walked down to Siloso Beach in order to have some iced coffee… Siloso Beach is quite odd (as I mentioned in an older posting): A tropical beach with a nice view of the approaching container ships… But for an engineer this is really nice, it almost doubles pleasure *gg*. Our plan for today was getting to the Oceanarium. Because of the school holidays, there was a huge crowd waiting, but there was a special discount for students: 13S$ instead of 19S$! So we directly got in.

TouchpoolThe first thing we saw, was the “Touchpool”. Guess what you can do there – Yeah right. Touch a whole bunch of fish. Actually it was my first time touching a ray or a puffy fish (for my CBI fellows: remember fugu fugu?). Nina and me never saw something like this before – This was actually a experience which made it worth visiting this place! A blue-stained ray has a very slippery surface – Never thought about that! I think something like this will never be seen in .de – Because all these animal-have-rights people would just get crazy.
Tropical Fish At the lower level there was a tunnel under the main basin – Unfortunately it was so dark there that it was quite impossible to make nice pics. Especially because the fish moved pretty fast! It was very impressive looking at different kinds of sharks and wunderfully colored tropical fish – But watching all those fish made me hungry…

The admission for the oceanarium also included a free dolphin show at the lagoon, so we got on a shuttle bus to get there. it was really crowded but the show was worth it: Pink dolphins showing all kinds of tricks.

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