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Wireless @ SG

Another week at work is over and so it’s weekend again. This saturday I was pretty smashed, cause I got some kind of infection during the week… So after sleeping pretty long I decided to get it going quite slowly and just enjoy some books & coffee at Marina Bay.

Ah, then I remebered: The free Wireless-Network of Singapore was just launched this week – So lets test it! After checking out the Government Website informing about this project, I continued to sign up at SingTel, packed my Laptop and hit MRT. To get you some details about Wireless @ SG: It is a project giving free access to the Internet, sponsored by the Government. Anybody can sign up and use one of the (still increasing) number of hot-spots all over the city. The project will be on for 3 years – After that it will be decided what to do.

So I logged into the 54mbit g-wlan at Marina Bay using the Login I got from SingTel and the Password that was sent to my mobile phone via SMS. Everybody gets a bandwidth of about 512kbit – But actually, when there is more available, you get more. First try was successful – and after establishing the VPN link everything worked as needed. Yeah, that’s a nice service. You don’t need ultra-high bandwidth – I think it is a good idea to limit the bandwidth per user, cause then kids wont waste it with filesharing junk and block access for applications like SSH. Thank you Singapore!

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