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Sushi and Sashimi

Most of my friends know it already: Eeating weird & uncommon food is one of my hobbies. So I’m always on the run to catch nice food, which is seasoned the traditional way (and not the to-european-taste-adapted-way) and offers good value, meaning: low price for good quality.

Sashimi deLuxe Sushi is no more considered to be something really special, because it is widely available in Europe. But Sashimi are something, that is way harder to get in acceptable quality for a reasonable price. Last week we went to a very nice Japanese Restaurant close to Marina Bay. My co-workers took care of ordering – And they ordered well! Sushi was of extraordinary quality – definitively the best I ever had. The best part were the inside-out makis containing also the japanese-style mayonaise. But the Sashimi were absolutely mindbreaking – Excellently fresh and a wide selection of tuna, salmon, prawns and some other fish. Together with the fresh wasabi it was a real delight. Besides Sushis & Sashimi they ordered a large variety of Don, Noodles and Teriyaki. Altogether an excellent dinner.

Ura Maki To be honest: This place was really expensive for Singaporian standards – But really cheap compared to Germany. A selection like this would cost you a fortune, probably around 40 euro per person. Here it was about 22 sing$ (about 11 euro), which was absolutely OK for this meal. Probably I will get to this place again, because all the food was really good. Sushi is nice, but besides that the Japanese cuisine has way more to offer…

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