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Jurong Bird Park

Tropical Parrot at LoryLoftAfter sleeping pretty long I decided to get to the famous Jurong Bird Park. So I took the Shuttle Bus to Boon Lay and then the Bus 251 down to AYE / BoonLay where the Bird Park is actually located. Adminission fee is with about 16s$ quite high – but I assure you, it’s really worth paying this!

Besides many tropical birds in cages, they feature also a large stock of Flamingos, Pelicans and Tucans… But the way best part is the so called Lory Loft: An huge aviary with a rather countless number of parrots (and other rainforest birds) showing all colors of the rainbow. The birds fly around like crazy and you feel yourself in an: “Prepare for impact” mode…

(Artificial) Waterfall in Jurong Bird ParkBesides that that is a second pretty huge aviary where you actually walk through the rainforest ending up right in front of a (artificial) waterfall. By walking around you can spec a really huge number of birds being beautifully colored. Most Zoos in Germany cover a bird section – but this is really nothing compared to what’s shown here! Of coure, here there is no need for expensive climate control, heating and whatsoever. Just build a cage, throw some trees in there and let the birds in! Jurong Bird Park is a must-see when you get to Singapore!

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  1. Hey this bird is really amazingly colcorfuls! Are there (free) birds in the city, like pigeons/doves (don’t know which is the right word) here in DE?

    Comment by Jar-Jar — Monday, December 18 2006 @ 04:12

  2. Uh yes, there are many birds around. Especially at the NTU campus, where my dormitory is… (Probably because there is (rain-)forest nearby and altogether the campus is quite green…)

    Those birds keep waking me up as soon as sun rises… But actually this time fits perfectly with the time I have to get up for work!

    Comment by blackwing — Monday, December 18 2006 @ 16:12

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