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EastCoast Park at a rainy Sunday

When I woke up it was already raining… And actually it did not really stop til sunset – Sometimes it rained pretty heavy, then seemed to stop and finally started again slowly. This has been the first really rainy day since I’m here.

East Coast ParkBut nevertheless: I made some appointment with some of my co-workers in order to get to EastCoastPark, to be more precise: To the East Coast Seafood Centre, a very famous Hawker Center featuring not only Seafood, but also many delicacies at reasonable prices. Oliver, a German student, who is also staying at NTU joined us on my invitation. So I met with him for the bus at 0945 in order to get to Dhoby Ghaut station on time (we were supposed to meet my co-workers at 1100). Of course we arrived late by some unknown (*cough*) reason – but this did not matter, cause the others got stuck due to a bus breakdown.

Finally we hit at East Coast Park around 13:00 – beeing really hungry, mainly because I left out breakfast (as usual). But it was worth waiting for: Beeing a group of 6, we ordered a huge stock of food: Excellent freshly barbecued Satay (Mutton, Chicken, Beef & Pork – of course with the usual rice-cake-cubes and cucumber slices) with an outstanding sauce, Oyster Omelett, Curry Laksa, Fishhead Curry, Chinese Barbecued Chicken Wings and Bak Kut Teh. Everything was really good – No wonder why this place is famous! Uh, I just forgot to mention: Another thunderstorm was coming, just when we were finished eating. Although we were already really full, we got some nice dessert: Ice Kacang and Rojak. It also took some time to finish up this stuff – But it started raining slower, so we left heading back to the city…

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