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Continous Rain from Sunday to Tuesday

Rainfall in Singapore December 2006As stated in the last post, it started raining on Sunday. Actually it did not stop the whole night til Monday having a thunderstorm every 3-4 hours. And when it was not a thunderstorm, it was just raining. Sometimes faster, sometimes a little slower. It was just continously raining from Sunday morning til Tuesday night – Way heavier than the whole-rainy-day-rain you get in Europe (eh Great Britain).

As seen in the news, there had been 345mm rain in the 20hrs of Tuesday! This is even for Singapore a lot – leading to heavy flooding in the central and northern area of Singapore. The record rainfall per day was in December 1978, when they had 585mm on one single day. Just to have an comparison: In Nuremberg there are just 623mm per Year! In Singapore usually has just 284mm of rain in December – but this year definitively more compared to last year and way more than exspected.

Today it is better – Blue sky again this morning. But there is some heavy thunderstorm to be exspected around afternoon…

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