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Christmas gift

This year I will not be at home for christams – and sending a christmas gift half around the world in order to transport it back some month later is just stupid. So I got just some monetary gift for christmas in order to get myself something useful. Guess what I thought about: Getting some cheap electronic gadget – Mainly because this stuff is a little cheaper around here.

The last few weeks I looked around the city in order to decide what to get. I finally decided to get an iPod Nano with 8gb storage. The official price of Apple is here at 439s$ (~ 216 euro), which is already around 33 euro cheaper than the German offer. Checking out the prices at popular places like Funan Center or Sim Lim Square showed prices as low as 408s$. But lower than 400 seemed to be impossible… So just yesterday I checked at 8flags, which is the official computer store of Nanyang Technological University. And they got a really nice price…. 365 s$ (= 179 euro)! And there was just one left… So I directly got a shiny new iPod nano for christmas. To make it clear: I would not have purchased an iPod nano for 249 euro, because this is way overpriced – But 179 is ok to me.

Actually I really like it, but probably I will get some better headphones… They really suck. But the rest is just nice!

One thing really annoyed me – It was not possible to play all podcasts in a row (like in an playlist etc). But thanks to some people in blogosphere that already got a solution: Just turn off the “shuffle” option. Then you can play podcasts in a row. With “Albums” or “Songs” it is not working…

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