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Climbing in the Franconian Switzerland: Season Opening 2007

The last two weeks had been pretty eventful and kept me away from blogging bout it – My beloved Girlfriend finally returned from her China-Trip and the great weather paired with a lot of free time… My project to find a final thesis to complete my university stuff is making progress, but I’m not yet completely decided what to do…

Chillin' RobertSo lets get to the topic: Weather has been great: Blueish sky, spring feeling with flourishing trees& plants and pleasant temperatures in the mid-twenties made it pretty interesting to go out for some climbing. In order to get back into good shape, I spent a lot of time at my Universities climbing facilities taking several sessions a week…. So finally today we decided to hit the road and get out to the rocks.

Martin rockingBecause it got pretty hot in the sun, we chose some location, which was nicely in the partial shade of the bright-greenish of the trees… Wonderful spring impressions! At the Münchsner Wand (Google Maps), which is located between Hiltpoltstein and Leupoldstein at the B2 highway and easy to get to from Erlangen – This rock is frequently used by DAV groups to give beginner courses, because it offers a good variety of easy to hard routes in wonderful lime stone.

Sebastian in PotzblitzOur group consisted of Martin with his girlfriend Ju, Robert, Dominik and his girlfriend Mirja and finally my girlfriend Mirijam and me. Actually it was the first time on “real rocks” for my girlfriend – SunsetAnd I think she liked it… Besides complaining about her shoes.  So we spent the whole day in all kinds of routes… Being finally exhausted we got to the “Alte Post” Inn in Leupoldstein having Schäuferla (roasted pork shoulder) and some refreshing Radler (shandy).This place gets u pretty good value – But be prepared to wait some time for your food… Climbing season 2007 is open – Looking forward to improve my style a little bit: Maybe I can flash some grad 7 route in the end of the year… Being more realistic: Getting secure in doing 6/6+ routes red-point.

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