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Collaborative Scientific Citation Managment

I finally started my final thesis to complete my degree in chemical engineering – and again, I was stuck with the problem of literature managment. Of courseI use LaTeX to write this thesis after the successful try-out during my last years Studienarbeit. The built-in BibTeX system to generate the reference list is pretty good, but it does not solve the problem of how to do your citation managment, namely how to save the PDF files, name them and find them in case you need them. It gets even worse, when you want to share these things in your scientific workgroup… So I found situations like: “Eh, go use SciFinder search for $Author and $Year and then you can find full text”. What I need is a tool like Flickr where I can organize my Citations, Tag them, maybe share those in a work-group and finally export them as a BibTeX file…

So I started searching for a software solution. First I found several commercial solutions using Windows (like Citavi, Endnote or RefWorks) – But all of those did not really satisfy me. After searching for some time I accidently found out about BibSonomy, a research project of Kassel University. THIS is what I was searching for! Tagging of publications like pictures in Flickr, importing stuff via existing Bibtex-file and exporting stuff in various ways: There are countless export methods such as BibTeX, Endnote or even as a HTML Table! You can search by tags, organize your literature and even upload your own full-text copy… People, just thanks for this great tool – It made my day!

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