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Completely recreational weekend

SummerAfter some gap having no time to write another posting, I’m back – willing to write a little more the next few weeks. I had been quite busy the last few weeks with my ongoing diploma thesis and the surrounding stuff such as summerfests and so on. Anyway, my thesis is going quite well – at least most of the experiments are working and result are satisfying…

On the wayThis weekend, summer came back to Germany after some rainy and pretty cold weeks in the beginning of July. So again: Time for doing stuff outside. My former flat-mate Florian called me on Thursday in order to check out my plans for the weekend because his girlfriend (also a former flat-mate of mine) came over from Spain. So we decided to spent Saturday together for some relaxing bicycle tour alongside the Ludwigskanal. The “Ludwigscanal” is a Perfect viewman-made canal which links the rivers Danube and Main making a track from Kelheim over Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Nuremberg and Bamberg. This canal is nowadays not used as a commercial waterway, but is a popular track for cycling tours. We did just a pretty short track from Burgthann to Schwarzenbruck having a scenic view of several Sluices and untouched nature. It’s no secret that there are several beer gardens alongside the canal… All in all: This place is absolutely perfect to get away from stressful and loud cities. You will get nature and silence. Just relax :)

Posing...When I woke up this morning we already hit the 28°C, which is quite a lot for 10 in the morning… After some breakfast I decided to hit the Schlossgarten (the public garden behind the historic castle, that hosts my University’s administration). It was already quite crowded, but I found a quiet spot to read and chill out… Finally Alex, a friend of mine, and me decided to get out into Franconian Switzerland in order to go for some climbing. We chose the the Graischer Bleisteinwände and had a pretty relaxed session there… By the way: The picture is from a tour two weeks ago at the Zehnerstein in the well-known and famous Trubach-Valley.

All in all this weekend was pretty relaxing: Wonderful weather (YEAH! Summer is back!!!), refreshing time in nature and no hurry :)

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