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New flat

The great HallKitchenFinally we got it – After searching for some months, I found a new home in Erlangen together with Florian, a fellow student from my semester. Having lived in the HaWo for 5 years now, it is time to get into something new. Of course, I enjoyed the time in the dormitory, especially in my flat-share, but with finishing my diploma I have to move out anyway – And being one of the “oldest” people in this 400people dorm, I feel ready to do so… Most of all: I’m starving for a living room, a balcony and more space to stuff all my junk :)

Sebastians new roomEnzi in his new roomAnyway, searching a flat was quite time consuming, because the market is almost empty. Of course you could ask a real-estate guy, but they will charge you a fortune. Our solution was Gewobau, who finally got us a nice offer: A 74 square meter flat with a nice view and so on. We were quite lucky, because the family, previously living there gave us a good offer to get their fitted kitchen for a good price – And the best part: I has a gas stove! The balcony has a pretty nice view onto the so called “Brucker Seela” heading straightly South.

View from the balconyBut before moving in (which is planned for the end of September anyway), there is a lot of work to do. The wooden parquet in Enzi’s and my room need a kind of complete refurbishment, most walls need to be repapered and painted… But anyway – Besides all that I’m happy with it :)


Middle of nowhereYowhey everybody! The last week had been really realxing. Having excellent wind and weather conditions we did a good set of miles from Hudiksval down South to Öregrund and the Skaregard of Stockholm. After staying for some nights in quiet bays somewhere close the middle of nowhere, it was pretty impressive to sail in front of full-sized ferries and see those beautiful Swedish houses everywhere.
Nature and quietness in Sweden is absolutely impressive: Wonderful sunsets, trees on every little island and fresh air…
Stockholm MarketStockholm itself was flabbergasting – Impressive architecture and a very relaxed feeling. The Royal Palace was a definitive must-see with its unique setting and style. We spent a day in Stockholm doing some “refueling” and buying loads of food such as Raindeer-Steak, Salmon and Blueberries – Just to spoil ourselves a little bit ;)
Random harbor in UtöWe did our track further south getting back to the open Baltic Sea doing around 50 miles per day. The longest day-track was the crossing over to the Island Gotland which took something like 60 miles – We arrived there around midnight in a mild thunderstorm…. Right now we are on our way to Visby, where the anual Mideval festival is on the run…
Tomorrow we are gonna do a hop back over to the Swedish mainland in order to reach our final destination Loftahammer.
On Wednesday we take a train to Arlanda Airport and get back to good-old Germany.

Sailing in Sweden

Alex the SkipperHeya people – Greetings from my pretty spontaneuos summer vacation to Sweden together with Alex.
On Wednesday we took a flight from Frankfurt over Gothenburg to Stockholm. Unfortunately we arrived at Arlanda Airport around 2000, so we missed the last direct train to our destination (Hudiksvall) by something like 15 minutes…
So we asked around at the train station for some alternate transportation… We had quite a lotta luck finding a very nice Swedish Railway employee that directly used her PC to get us some tickets for some Night-Bus (
The alternative would have been to stay at the airport overnight and take the first train in the morning – So we preferred the 4 hour nightbus ride, which was also a lot cheaper (22€ instead of 60€ pp)…

Finally we arrived at Hudiksval Gas Station around 01:30 in the night and we were lucky again: Some pretty nice Swedish couple gave us a ride to the harbor (like 6km) and so we reached the boat after altogether like 12 hours of transit…Boat
The next morning we got to the city to get some basic indegredients to prepare an opulent breakfast… Blue sky, 15-20knots of wind and glazing sunlight.
We spent the entire afternoon to rig up the boat, replenish water and buy enough food for the next days on sea.
Of course we kept a pretty low standard of living and got some fresh salmon for dinner ;)
The boat itself is an 11.5m sailing boat with the jargon classification “coffee pot”, which means: full featured sea-bound camping with all the stuff you need to have a pretty comfortable time at the sea :)

Golden SunsetRight now we are sailing at around 3 knots relative speed having around 10 knots of south-bound wind … But we were spoiled by stopping in the middle of nowhere seeing a wonderful golden sunset. Nobody around here, very very quiet.

Riding the windAfter the first days, we had a lot of luck concerning the wind – now at around 15knots we did some “race days” going more than 50 miles yesterday! Today the wind got a little slower, so this day will be less “stressy”. All in all: Very quiet, relaxing and the perfect chill-out for the second half of my diploma thesis :)

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