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On the road again

ToolsMan, the last been 2 months had been way to busy… I was completely packed with setting up my new flat, finishing my thesis and finally moving into the flat. But – and thats the good news: All went out well! I got a new car, my flat is perfect and the thesis came out quite good. Besides that I had a nice “German science tour” (as my boss named it) being in Hamburg and Aachen for conferences – But I will get to all that in detail. And beginning in November – got a pretty nice job.

So lets start with the new car: I invested some bunch of money into a car – after 5 years at university, its time again for being flexible again. Finally I decided to get a BMW 320d touring car. Yes, this is not the typical university-graduate first car, but it fits my needs: Enough space to translocate stuff and so on. Interestingly this car turned out to be way cheaper in terms of insurance than I thought. Probably because people that drive like crazy and cause accidents don’t drive a “family limo” like that.

Enzi with SandpaperThe car had been pretty useful, when moving into the flat… I got huge loads of stuff to carry around – and uncounted visits to do-it-yourself shops such as Obi. At this point it is time to say thanks to all the helpers! Before moving in there were a lot of jobs to do: Grinding the parquet, adding some new power plus, installing CAT6 network cabling, painting walls, renewing the bath-room… You might understand, that it cost a lot of time – But now it is done. Ok, to be fair: Some tiny little things are to be done. I like this new place – After 5 years in a flat-share this is now MY space!

Berty-RackMy thesis at university is finally done. I got a ~80page work – Unfortunately there is some stuff in there, that is protected by a non-disclosure agreement with an industrial partner (who is of course not to be named…) – But after the legal work is done, a version will be published of course! I added just some screenshots of the pro/E work that I have done to model my reactor setup – Beginning at zero and finally getting out nice . All in all the thesis was very “enlighting” – Good result, excellent co-workers and I learned so many new things. Some of the work will be published in literature and at conferences.

Me in HamburgConferences – So the next point. At the beginning of October (8-10th), Florian, my flat-mate and I got on the long way to Hamburg in order to get to the DGMK conference of the German Society for Petroleum Science and Technology. This conference was quite small with only about 100 participants – Sunset in HamburgBut the lectures were excellent! Because of the limited amount of people, it was really easy to get in contact with people from industry. And I made some pretty cool contacts. We stayed in Hamburg at a friends place – Oliver, whom I met in Singapore. After the conference, Florian left to Copenhagen and I spent the weekend getting known to Hamburg, digging into its vivid nightlife in St.Pauli… During day time we did a wonderful paddling tour at the channels of northern and the Alster – Just wonderful! With bright blue sky…

Singing professors vT5On monday, Florian and me left for Aachen, because on Tuesday the largest annual conference on Chemical Engineering the so called “Process.Net Jahrestagung” was about to start. This conference is quite big with about 1300 participants. Countless lectures on any topic that is connected to chemical engineering are presented – But especially the plenary lectures and review talks are the place-to-go. They give you an insight to a topic within an hour – priceless! Besides the conference, Aachen had quite a lot to offer, because the RWTH started semester just that day. So there hordes of first semester students running (mostly drunk) around the city and partying… Highlight was the conference dinner with singing process engineering professors from Aachen – the so called VT5, who performed some nice pieces of music having funny texts with process-engineering jargon (“Physik, Chemie im Überfluß ersparen uns den Koitus!”).

Finally – My job. I got an offer to continue at university running for a Ph.D. (or in German: Dr.-Ing.) as scientific assistant at the chair of Chemical Reaction Engineering of Prof. Wasserscheid. Of course, I will make less money than in industry, but the working conditions are excellent and money is way less important than nice colleagues. Besides that – Our chair is part of the Excellence Cluster “Advanched Materials” that was awarded within this whole “Elite Uni” campaign, which means quite a whole bunch of money…

So, stay tuned.

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