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centericq – icq contact not showing online

Heyho. Time for some more technical posting.

I’m using centericq as my console-based jabber & icq backed, even though it is now unmaintained and is going to be replaced by centerim. But yesterday, the problem evolved, that icq contacts did not show their status anymore, which is pretty anoying. So I tried to find a solution on the net and actually a Bugzilla-Thread gave me the hint, to upgrade to a current centerim, in order to fix that problem.

My server is running Gentoo, so importing the brand-new version was not a problem – even the old contacts worked instantly. But unfortunantely, it was not possible to write messages via the compose dialog… Being quite unhappy with the “solution”, that now contacts show online, but I’m not able to write messages, I was quite unsatisfied.

So I just added the HotFix from the centerim-git repository to the old centericq source code – actually just one single line has been changed! And tada: Everything is working fine again :)

The whole fix is related to the fact, that ICQ changed their protocol again – Now your client has to ACKnowledge that it has received the ServerBasedContactList – After this you get the online status of all the Users on the List. And thats the point: From now on it is not possible to see Online-status of  users not on your ServerBasedContactList! So start getting authorizations in order to fix that.

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