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PITA. rtorrent-0.7.9 on Ubuntu Dapper 6.06-LTS

Today, the usual pain of release-based distrubutions such as Debilian, eh Debian or Ubuntu occured to me – I wanted to have the encryption feature of rtorrent that was introduced into libtorrent 0.11 / rtorrent 0.7. Unfortunately the latest version in Dapper is 0.5.3 – so far too outdated.

Doing a .deb package is always useful to keep the system maintained – Building just from source was out-of-question. So after some years of Debian absence I started “fighting” with the build system again.  After some pain-in-the-ass things, I finally had the packages ready: rtorrent_0.7.9-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb and libtorrent11_0.11.9-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb

full stuff is available at: – So if you want to build a i386 package, go ahead :)

24c3 in Berlin

Right after christmas I took a flight from Frankfurt to Berlin in order to get to the 24th Chaos Communication Congress. I participated again as a member of the NOC-Crew taking care of the IP connectivity to the outside world.

First of all: After not having been to 23c3 last year, I have to summarize this was probably the best congress I have ever been to – Relaxed, infrastructure worked well and it there were some good talks. Compared to my first congress (which was actually 10 years ago in Hamburg) there had been significant changes – Way more people, professional organization and a lot more talks, tracks and so on. In 1997 the topics were more technical and there was less stuff around “politics” – Not that it bothers me, but all in all this shift in focus occurred to the CCC in general in my opinion. It seemed that the classical underground hackers foundation shifted to a non-governmental organisation (NGO)  with all its pros and cons.

Besides the NOC stuff I had this year enough time to watch some of the talks. Some of them were quite good, others quite unsatisfying. To name some:

  • I liked the talk of fabs and FX on portbunny, a kernel-based portscanner. That is kernel-based is not the interesting point – But they use trigger packets to implement a congestion scheme like known from TCP to speed up port-scans.
  • The unusual web bugs talk was quite interesting also – some of the aspects were completely new to me.
  • Iljas talk on a collection of random things had some new things (I never thought about using OOB data in TCP to do funny things) and some well-known aspects (/dev/[k]mem issues) – But unfortunately he left out the part I was most interested in: The TCP fuzzer :)
  • Arien, also a NOC member, did a talk on real-time 10GbE monitoring using some FPGA setup on a Force10 network card was nice.
  • Drew Endy, a MIT professor in biological engineering, did an enlighting talk on DNA coding – quite kewl.
  • Florian Bischof’s talk on Sex 2.0 was interesting – Completely different from what I’ve expected. Some people disliked it, because it mainly focused on homosexual stuff, but I found it interesting anyway.
  • I liked the vivid talk cryx, denis and erdgeist on openTracker where they described all the nice stuff around “driving” an bittorrent tracker in the wild-wild-net.
  • A total disappointment was the talk on hacking embedded devices – No serious content, just basic stuff.

All in all: Good congress! Although I am interested on more deeply technical talks.

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