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Out into Franconian Switzerland!

View of Röthelfels - Section What a day! Blue sky and decent temperatures around 15°C in late February – Thanks to global warming! So Alex and me decided to use that to open the outside climbing season with a trip to the well-known Röthelfels, one of the most prominent spring/late-fall rocks in Franconian Switzerland. To make a long story short: You could easily climb in T-Shirt and Shorts without freezing. It was sunny and just…. wonderful. Of course we were not alone – A whole bunch of people got the same idea – But it was not as crowded as you might have expected.

Chillin'Actually, after a long time just bouldering inside, it was quite a change to get back onto real rocks… And quite discouraging how much of fitness and skill you loose during winter… But anyway – Completely relaxing day!

Skiseminar Pruggern 2008

View from our LodgeOh yeah – yesterday I came back from a pretty exhausting Skiing-trip to Austria, namely to Pruggern, which is closely located to Schladming in the valley of river Enns. Together with loads of co-workers and the affiliated chair of Prof. Jess at Bayreuth we stayed in a nice hut at the “Pruggern Hüttendorf“. These huts are “pure luxury” having a huge table for about 20ppl, a Sauna and whatsoever. This skiseminar is a nicely balanced mix of going on the track for skiing in the morning and having scientific presentations and discussion in the afternoon til late.

Sebastian, Berthold and Katharina at PlanaiActually it was my first time back on Ski after some years of absence – And this was quite changing, cause I tried carving ski for the very first time… But after one day of trying out how to use them I finally found the right way and had a lot of fun. The Ski region around Schladming is gorgeous – A lot of nice tracks, mainly at red level. We had been skiing at Hauser Kaibling, Planai and finally Reiteralm – We were lucky and at least Sunday til Wednesday we had blueish sky and excellent conditions – On Thursday the weather got way milder, so that after around 11.oo the snow was just… wet.

The scientific part was also very nice – got a lot of good new ideas how to solve problems arising in my Ph.D.-Thesis – But after a day of skiing and 5-6h of discussion and talks you are completely exhausted… So I gonna spend this weekend with relaxing…

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