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Chiang Mai

Yesterday night I reached Chiang Mai in northern Thailand via an AirAsia Flight from Bangkok. Because of major Thunderstorms the flight from Dubai had to take a time-intensive reroute by taking a southern route, almost over krabi, which resulted in a late arrival around 19h (ETA was 1840, but before the T-storm was there, we were supposed to reach early).

Temple viewSo I had to be quite in a hurry to reach my connecting flight…Especially immigration control was time intense, so it resulted in jogging with my luggage right across the terminal – from Gate F3 to the Immigration and then to Check in at Terminal A…Temple at sunset But it all worked out – only because the AirAsia flight was also delayed due to the Thunderstorm.Finally I reached ChiangMai around 2240… Getting a random TukTuk I choosed one of the few 24hour guesthouses around the older city part – Just for the first night. The place was quite crappy and for the quality completely overpriced (250B for a single room w/o shower)…

Crispy stuff!So this morning I checked out and got a room in a better guest house, which was quite easy. I am now at the way better Eagle House No2, which is nicely located, way more quiet and gives a better value for better rooms and so on (200B/night incl shower). And they even have a in-house cooking school :) I just got a bicycle and now it is time for a city tour… Right now it is quite hot outside, but right now, traffic is quite low, so I’ll be no problem :)

For the week it is planned: Cooking course tomorrow and then: 3 to 4 day jungle trip organized by the guest house.

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