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From Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

I spent the last day in Chiang Mai with the long-planned cooking course – which was an absolut highlight! After driving to a market outside Chiang Mai with an detailed introcution to fruits and vegetables we started the course at a nicely located farm around Chiang Mai.

ChiliFirst a, stir fry was prepared followed by a soup and an appetizer. Because we were 8 participants, many different dishes were prepared – and of course, we tried everything for taste and so on… I prepared Pad Thai, a Coconut Chicken Soup and the famous Papaya Salad. After this first round, we got out to the garden to get fresh vegetables, lemongrass and chili for the main dish – the curry. So first there was a curry paste to prepare. I chose the Red Chiang Mai Curry, so some others and me prepared a red curry paste, which was actually a lot of work…

The curry itself, topped with fried noodles was absolutely mindbreaking and delicious :) As dessert, we prepared fried banana. Late in the afternoon we got back to the city – where the Sunday market was just starting up. I was so completely filled up, that I could easily resist any further delicacies…

On Monday morning (8am) I took a bus to Chiang Rai – a almost 3.5h bus ride through the middle of nowhere. After reaching CR, I checked into Chian House, which has a quiet location, nice rooms and a small clean pool. So after taking a short nap, I took a walk to the city – and it was instantly clear: way more relaxed tham CM – Less tourists and way less Lonely-planet-people :)

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