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Luang Prabang

Khuan Si WaterfallAfter meeting Ulrike, Katharina and Dorothea we decided to get on a TukTuk to the KhuangSi waterfall – And after bargaining and getting of the cab at least 5 times we got a good price and finally got there. The waterfall is located about 30km southeast of Luang Prabang and situated in a rainforest conservation. After a nice lunch we proceeded to the waterfall – Really nice located in the middle of the woods withmilky blueish water! Very refreshing and relaxing with the buzzing heat!

SonkranizedWe spent there several hours walking around and climbing up to the main waterfall… But the most interesting stuff happened on the way back to Luang Prabang: Because of the Laotian New Year (on April 14th) and the dizzling heat, it is a tradition for kids to spread water to bypassing people… and yes. We got wet. But it is worth it, cause the Lao kids really love it and it is really refreshing!

SunsetLuang Prabang itself is definitively worth visiting – I really like this charming place right on river Mekong! Its relaxing atmosphere, the impressive temples, the wonderful Lao people are worth staying there for some days. Even that the place is quite touristic, it is not too packed – Probably because it is low season for now. The sunsets at the riverside are really impressive as you can see.

Painting monkI spent another day visiting the huge number of temples – Because there are that many, I decided not to upload a photo on that. Just go there yourself and get impressed by the unique architecture and style! Because of the New Year all temples are being renovated and repainted.

I plan to go mountain biking again the next day, but that really depends on the weather, because there are huge thunderstorms supposed to cross by…

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