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New flat

The great HallKitchenFinally we got it – After searching for some months, I found a new home in Erlangen together with Florian, a fellow student from my semester. Having lived in the HaWo for 5 years now, it is time to get into something new. Of course, I enjoyed the time in the dormitory, especially in my flat-share, but with finishing my diploma I have to move out anyway – And being one of the “oldest” people in this 400people dorm, I feel ready to do so… Most of all: I’m starving for a living room, a balcony and more space to stuff all my junk :)

Sebastians new roomEnzi in his new roomAnyway, searching a flat was quite time consuming, because the market is almost empty. Of course you could ask a real-estate guy, but they will charge you a fortune. Our solution was Gewobau, who finally got us a nice offer: A 74 square meter flat with a nice view and so on. We were quite lucky, because the family, previously living there gave us a good offer to get their fitted kitchen for a good price – And the best part: I has a gas stove! The balcony has a pretty nice view onto the so called “Brucker Seela” heading straightly South.

View from the balconyBut before moving in (which is planned for the end of September anyway), there is a lot of work to do. The wooden parquet in Enzi’s and my room need a kind of complete refurbishment, most walls need to be repapered and painted… But anyway – Besides all that I’m happy with it :)


Yesterday my girlfriend and me got to the Staatstheater Nürnberg in order to watch The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) in the German Version: “Shakespeares sämtliche Werke – leicht gekürzt” (Originally developed by the Reduced Shakespeare Company).
Actually this trip was pretty well-timed cause the local CCC-Erfa of Erlangen also went to see this show – So not only us, but also Maha, Daizy, Shutdown, Maik, Kai and Arnomane were with us.

I had seen this play some years ago in my school and enjoyed it a lot – so I finally decided to ask my girlfriend if she was wanna to go… I’m not wanna to bore you with the plot of this nice production, cause its written in Wikipedia :)

We liked this play a lot – Especially this staging of the Nuremberg Crew is worth suggesting! Some of the scenes are very nicely overacted so that the grotesque mood really gets you laughing – When you know the original Shakespeare text this “insider” joke is based on it’s even more funny. If you are open for modern theater productions with involvement of the audience you will definitively like this play. Go for it, its worth paying for!

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Erlangen Poet Fest 2006

Poet Fest 2006This weekend, the Erlangen Poet Fest 2006 takes places, presenting rather uncommon poetry. As in 2005 I finally decided to attend some of the “lectures” together with my girlfriend. Gilbert got the idea to go the Mond0 multimedia lecture, which took place in the Erlangen Schlossgarten, which was furiosly illuminated. There where two recitators that presented some part of their long-term project “Mond0″ – a fictional journey to some moon. The plot was quite odd: One guy got to a moon journey, where a kind of hedonistic population is living. The authors presented in eloquent speech, how pluch-obelisks, neon-green feel-good-maedows and the pneumonics (a part of a walkable body) look like. In school I rather disliked stuff like this (Abstract poetry in general), but the way of presentation, especially the video wall showing abstract pictures of the region the recitators were talking about and a nice electronic background music of Sven Väth made this happening a rather nice experience for me.

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make clean – or make mrproper ?!

Yesterday there was some kind of extra activity at the weekly meeting of the Erlangen ccc Erfa. We finally decided to do some major cleanup of our room 5 at the E-Werk: So we moved out all the workstations, servers and the other miscellaneous old hardware…

E-Werk Room5So this was like doing a make clean, or better make distclean. It ended up in having just three servers (gateway,userhomes & media) and three workstations (sun ultra 10, pc & others)! So there is now MUCH space left. We also rearanged to enlightenment of this room. If you are interested in old hardware running HPUX, IRIX or various Pentium1 hardware, just raise your hand!

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